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Open Source is a philosophy of software development where in the source or code used to develop a particular application is made free for everyone to use, distribute and many more.

Open Source ideology surfaced in last few decades when applications ranging from programming languages, web development servers, text editors and web servers’s source codes were made freely available to the public.

Prominent Open source software

Web Servers

Operating Systems



Programming Languages

Various Software

An idea behind Open Source is not only by offering software for free but also help others improve on the source. People from around the world would take a look at sources and modify them for themselves. Some modifications can be brought in to the core and also be freely distributed.


However, there is a common misconception about open source software. They aren’t free as in beer. There are actually varying licenses that a lot people don’t adhere to. Here are the most used open source licenses and their restrictions.

Apache License

The Apache License is a permissive license similar to the MIT License, but also provides an express grant of patent rights from contributors to users.

MIT License
The MIT License is a permissive license that allows people do anything they want with your code as long as they provide attribution back to you. People also cannot make you liable in any way.

GPL License

The GPL License is a software license that permits people to modify source code as long as it is redistributed freely.


Open source software is sometimes treated as substandard software. This is usually wrong. Most open source software is comparable with proprietary counterparts. Most software developers even consider open source software even better.

Here are a few proponents of open source software.


Open source has been revolutionizing how technology works. Ideas from all over the world has been pouring into open source projects and making them better.

In response, several avenues have popped out to give way for people to contribute to open source. If you are software developer or just someone willing to help, start from here and choose a project to contribute to:

Good luck!