Web Development

What is a Blog

Blog is a medium or platform where in people express themselves, usually everyday, in the form of writing. Blogs, previously known as weblogs, feature regular updates in the form or posts.

Blogs, in the past decade has grown not only into a bunch of regular updates by individuals but also as a medium for large and small companies to market their products.

Blogs has also found its way to become a pillar of social media along with Facebook, Google Plus and many others.

Writing blogs has also grown to become a thriving profession. There are sites like Problogger that not only helps one grow his writing skills but also help professional bloggers find jobs. In fact, there have been others who have jumped ship and work exclusively has bloggers.


A hosting service allows individuals and companies make their websites become accessible on the internet. Hosting companies usually own physical servers and co-locate in datacenters.

There are a ton of hosting options available for blogs:

Shared Hosting

The most abundant hosting service is the shared hosting service. Shared hosting services offer its customers space on a single server that is commonly shared with other customers.


  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Often uses Cpanel which is also very easy to configure


  • Resources are also shared
  • Security issues


VPS / Cloud Hosting

A VPS simulates a physical server. You can install an environment and play around with it. Installations can range from Ubuntu versions, Fedora, CentOS to Windows.


  • Host multiple sites
  • Full server environment


  • More expensive
  • Need more technical knowledge


Hosted Services

Some Content Management Softwares offer some kind of hosting on their hosts.


  • A lot of times free
  • Very very simple to start


  • Can be very inflexible when it comes to themes
  • Usually only offer subdomains
  • Top-level domains could cost a lot


Keep these things in mind when looking for a good host for your blog. Remember to read reviews on web hosting forums and blogs before acquiring any services.