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Traditionally, a blogger is an individual who regularly updates on his blog with posts. Most of the posts are updates on his life much like what a diary would be. A blogger can post about anything and it is one of the reasons blogs have been so popular. Some bloggers post articles about their work and some people write things about their love life.

In today’s world, bloggers have out-grown what it was ten years ago. Blogs have become mediums for people to interact with one another. Bloggers now talk about a wide array of topics like technology, politics and current events.

Professional Blogging

A lot bloggers don’t blog on their websites. In fact, a lot of them don’t have their personal blogs. Many bloggers, working professionally, focus on blogging for others. Blogging has also become a profession in recent years. Individuals ranging from corporations to individuals hire professional bloggers to write for you.

Note: While blogging can be a very interesting profession, it is also very easy it is to set shop. All you need is a good web host and a choice of blogging platform.

Group Blogging

A lot of bloggers tend to work individually but sometimes bloggers often create a group blog that they can blog on.

While a group blog can be intriguing, some bloggers want to create a network of blogs. These network of blogs include blogs that maintain a common topic or theme.

Collaboration is the key here. Promoting becomes easier because promotion becomes the job of many. Also, individual bloggers generate better and fresher ideas when grouped like-minded individuals.

Blogging Content

Blogging, of course don’t only blog text content.

Some individuals have become video bloggers, photo bloggers and podcasters. Videos and Podcasts range from tutorial videos to anything within the context of their blogs.


Trust is always an issue on the internet. While people have grown a cliched mis-trust of large companies, they usually trust bloggers. Bloggers, since they are individuals like you and me, are quickly becoming reliable resources for people.

That said, you still should not trust anyone on the internet.

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