Hacktivism is a buzzword nowadays. Hacktivism has gained ground by being employed by hackers who disrupt use of services, website defacement all for the purpose of informing the wider public of their ideologies.

In the recent election in the Philippines, members of a group of hackers gained access of the voter’s database. This was to inform the public of the security risk of the public’s data. This has also gained interest into how election fraud could happen.

Samples of Hacktivism

  • website defacement – The website content has been replaced by messages, images or anything other than the expected content
  • denial-of-service attacks (DoS) – Service of a website cannot be used because all resources is being used up
  • redirects – Website is redirected to a different website
  • website parodies – A website may be created to mimic the original website
  • information theft – information by users are taken by hackers