Web Development

Every week, I plan to publish an article to highlight the newest news about web development. Let’s face it! We, as web developers, need to be updated somehow of the latest developments.

We are experiencing the fastest growth in technology the world has ever seen. We cannot afford not to know what’s happening. Especially in the world of web development.

Here is the first batch of developments this week.

Basic Javascript

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer writes a blog post about Javascript. It focuses on getting started with JavaScript as quickly as possible.

AngularJS: An Overview

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework made by Google for building complex client-side applications. I love AngularJS and wish to work with it in some project in the future. Glenn Stovall writes an overview of the framework.

Backbone.js Pts 1 – 5

Backbone. Backbone. Backbone. We can’t get enough of it. Why not? It’s quickly becoming an essential skill in web development today. You can’t go around and not hear about it. MetaCasts offers a paid tutorials for those who want to learn more about Backbone.

Puma vs Phusion Passenger

I honestly haven’t used Puma but I have been using Phusion Passenger as my ruby web server of choice lately. I have no idea what differs between the two. This article points out some differences between the two.

How to install Ruby & Rails with screencasts: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

I have mostly used Ubuntu and Mac for Rails development. Here’s a screencasts for those Windows fanatics that want to work with Ruby on Rails.