Facebook and Twitter has been for many people their source of news. I rarely find myself learning new happenings from news sites.

Twitter, on the other hand, with its hashtag functionality, you can get trending news on various topics you want to find out about. However, sometimes, things get out of hand.

Twitter suffers also from TMI. You are constantly bombarded with so much more than you bargained for. If only we could just get what’s important.

TameIt is a web application designed to give you what’s important now.

Tame analyzes the last 24 hours of your timeline and crunches it down to a top 10 overview of the most relevant hashtags, users and links. Then you can use Tame like a search engine and get the most relevant topics, people and content.


  • Search Specific Hashtags
  • Find Specific Users
  • Tweak Search Results
  • Compatible with mobile devices