It will be more and more common as we add modules, settings to Apache2 to restart Apache2. You will need to start and stop the server when needed.

You have a few scripts available for this common tasks.

apachectl restart

This will restart the server. If the server isn’t running, it will start it.

apachechtl stop

The server would be stopped immediately

apachectl graceful

The server would be stopped. However, the server would allow connections in progress to be completed. Again, the server would also be restarted it isn’t.

apachectl start

This will start the server.

There is a convenient to start services in most Unix systems, service.

restarts the server

service apache restart

stops the server

service apache stop

starts the server

service apache start

In Fedora based systems, Red Hat and CentOS, there may be a slight change of commands

restarts the server

service httpd restart

stops the server

service httpd stop

starts the server

service httpd start