Web Development
FoodScaper is Social Networking website dedicated for restaurant and food enthusiasts.

After a couple of months of developing our website, we launched FoodScaper. FoodScaper launched due to our need to discover restaurants and menus in greater Manila.

I have been a Ruby on Rails developer for more than 2 years now. Most projects I have worked with was coded in Ruby on Rails 2.3 to  3.x. I code PHP on the side and sometimes if there is a need for a PHP developer, I was the one called upon to handle the project.

I have chosen to rewrite most of FoodScaper from Ruby on Rails to PHP.

PHP is a good language. I would be first to admit that are there a lot of downs in the PHP language. The thing is that it does the job fine. This can be said for most languages.

While I coding FoodScaper, I have missed a lot of testing tools from the Ruby community:
  • RSpec
  • Cucumber
  • Capybara
To my knowledge, PHPUnit is the best testing tool in the PHP community and I feel there is an immediate need to have more just unit testing here.

However, the cost of deploying a Ruby on Rails website is really what got me rewriting FoodScaper to PHP. As of now, an instance from Webbynode or Linode with an allotted 500MB memory costs around 20USD per month. My host right now could handle FoodScaper and a few more websites without running out of memory.

In the end it was cost. I know about the phrase, "Developers are more expensive than hardware". The thing is, right now, I am both the developer and the one paying. 

I believe FoodScaper is going to be a great website and having a good language (not the best) by my side is the best option for me. I’m going to try really hard to make it successful, and I felt in order to do that I need to at least sustain it and pipeline costs to marketing.