I have been using Ryan Bate’s Railscasts deployment recipes as long as it has been up. I’ve deployed projects for some startups that needed help, for my own startup projects and soon, another project that I have been cooking up for a while.

A few days ago, I have started tinkering with this script and have test deployed a few applications. I tried a few things and updated my deployment gist that I have been using to deploy.

A lot has changed for this deployment recipe.

  1. Ubuntu 10.04 is mostly not made available anymore by VPS providers
  2. A lot has changed since 10.04. Some commands may or may not work. You have to do some of your own research
  3. It still uses ruby version, 1.9.3

I have no problem using ruby version, 1.9.3. So, I left it at that. I am of course still using Unicorn and deploying with Capistrano.

Notable Changes

I urge anyone try it out!