Whenever we PHP programmers think of debugging, we often associate it with the mundane task of echo-ing numerous times on the browser until we get what’s wrong. It’s difficult to get excited errors, isn’t it?

Fortunately, debugging doesn’t have to be mundane. After spending some time with PHPDebugBar, it’s actually — dare I say it — fun!

The idea of debugging isn’t new. Smarty, the template engine, has had this for a while now. ADODB, the database abstraction bundle has had this for the longest time now. Today’s frameworks have this too. Symfony has the Debug Toolbar and CakePHP has the DebugKit

There’s certainly no reason to limit debug toolbars to certain frameworks. PHPDebugBar attempts to become a framework-independent debug toolbar for all PHP web applications.

PHPDebugBar can easily be installed using composer:

  "require": {
    "maximebf/debugbar": "1.*"
$ php composer.phar install

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License: MIT License