Web Development
If you're like me, you've been doing web development for 9+ years, you've been developing your `own site`, may it be a blog, a simple web portfolio, a gallery, by this time, you're probably getting tired.

I've written my blog site, gallery site and web portfolio more times than I could count. I have written CMSs just as much. A gallery project comes in, you write from scratch, another CMSs comes in your write another. How do I stop this circular madness?

The concept of modules and plugins didn't hit me until a few years ago when developing a gallery project using the Kohana PHP Framework. Jeremy Bush aka zombor developed a gallery as a module that could be put in to any Kohana project. It as interesting since I just dropped the module in my project, added a few styling, some configuration and voila! The gallery was up and running.

This concept just hit me again as I was working on my blog (yes, this one you're reading). I could write modules for almost every functionality. Any new feature, could be a module I could drop, configure and play with.

With that in mind, I have started rewriting it. Funny how the concept was to avoid rewriting and here I am rewriting software. But should I just continue writing it using CakePHP or should I try to write it in another PHP framework?

If you're someone who knows me, you'd guess that I've been writing the project and testing the idea using more than one framework. Yeah, that's right, two projects. In fact one is running a live site right now. One is on my local machine, waiting for the day I'd use it.

The PHP frameworks I have used are CakePHP using Plugins and Yii using Modules. This might be a topic I can write about more in a few days. But for now, wish me luck and focus, so that I may finish these projects. I might even opensource one of them when/if I feel comfortable.

See ya!