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This part is of the HTML5 Post Series dedicated to spread knowledge about HTML5

The jQuery datepicker is probably one of the most used datepickers on the internet. It is almost an instant pick for most web developers.

HTML5 has again given a solution for this common occurrence. The date input type works a lot like the default jQuery datepicker functionality.

In this image, notice that the date input type fallbacks on the text input type. The picture on the left shows Chrome version 28 for Mac and the one the right shows Firefox 22.0 for Mac.


Sample Code

<input type="date">

In Action

See the date input type in action!

Browser Compatibility

Browser support for the date input type is fine. Although, the latest Safari version(6.0+) and Firefox (22.0+). Only two desktop browsers support it.

Browser Versions
Chrome 20.0 +
Opera 9.0+
Opera Mobile 10.0+
IOS Safari 5.0+

Further Reading

  • Can I Use – Compatibility table for support of date input type in desktop and mobile browsers.