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This part is of the HTML5 Post Series dedicated to spread knowledge about HTML5

We have almost always relied on javascript colorpickers to allow us to choose from a range of colors when working with forms. Here are a few examples of javascript and/or jQuery colorpickers.

HTML5 brings the color input type which brings almost all this colorpickers to rest.


Sample code

<input type="color">

In Action

The color input type is very useful indeed. Here’s a HTML5 input type color demo I prepared for you guys.

Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility is lacking on this one. Only a few browsers actually support the color input type. Even Firefox has no support for it as of version 22.

Browser Versions
Chrome 20.0 +
Opera 11-12.1

Further Reading

  • Can I Use – Compatibility table for support of Color input type in desktop and mobile browsers.