Web Development

Years ago when adding a markup about telephone number we would simply do write it down:

+63 2 46567898

For emails, we could a somewhat different one such as:

<a href='mailto:me@me.com'>Email me!</a>

Telephone number links have evolved since. instead of writing the telephone number, we can add the tel: protocol

<a href='tel:+63246567898'>Call Me</a>

Now, Skype has stepped up its game. It doesn’t use the tel: protocol. Instead, it uses the callto:. When clicking on a link with the callto protocal would open up Skype if you have it installed.

<a href='callto:+63246567898'>Call Me</a>

If this isn’t something you want, you can try Skype’s contact buttons. They are quite nice and customizable.

Skype contact buttons