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As we know the default Cache Engine is using file storage.

To use the APC Cache Engine, you will need to setup APC on your server and then configure your bootstrap file. I personally don’t have the APC extension loaded on my local machine and since I don’t have it setting the APC Cache Engine to default will cause errors.

A simple way to automatically set the Cache Engine to APC if you have it installed on production or wherever you have a CakePHP application with APC installed.

if (extension_loaded('apc') && function_exists('apc_dec') && (php_sapi_name() !== 'cli' || ini_get('apc.enable_cli'))) {
    Cache::config('default', array(
        'engine' => 'Apc', //[required]
        'duration'=> 3600, //[optional]
        'probability'=> 100, //[optional]
        'prefix' => Inflector::slug(APP_DIR) . '_', //[optional]  prefix every cache file with this string
} else {
    Cache::config('default', array('engine' => 'File'));

Quite easy!