Pre-processors are the in thing today. In fact, there are tons of preprocessors available today for almost anything from the front end to the backend.

Harp.js is an asset pipeline framework for NodeJS based applications, just like what Ruby on Rails has with Sprockets. It also has its own built-in server which is configured to preprocess jade, markdown, stylus, less and coffeescript.

Harp.js is pretty easy to configure and has a ton of deployment options:

  • Harp Platform
  • Heroku
  • GitHub
  • Amazon S3
  • Nodejitsu
  • Private VPS
  • Apache Cordova
  • PhoneGap Build


Harp requires Node.js installed on your system.

sudo npm install harp -g
harp init myproject
harp server myproject


License: MIT License
Requirements: Node.JS