Privacy and Security are a big issue these past few years. Numerous laws have been passed to secure our private life and lifestyle. Facebook makes it easy for you to logout out of all your devices and make sure you’re not logged into another’s device.

Google, however, doesn’t have this at the time of writing. A quick search will give you an answer to delete active sessions from the browser.

Delete Active Gmail active sessions:

  • Open Gmail on a computer and scroll to the very bottom of the page below all of your messages.
  • Click or tap the Details link on the bottom right. It’s right next to a sentence that reads “Last account activity:
  • Choose the Sign out all other web sessions button.

Although, there is one way but it will require you to compromise.

Logout of all devices logged in to Google Accounts

  • Change your password
  • This will prompt all other devices to ask you to login again