Web Development

UX Designs for Startups


UX Designs for Startups is a must read for startups wanting usability for their web applications. Written by Marcin Treder who is a design enthusiast that literally lives for creating the best user experience possible.

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Book of Speed


Book of Speed tells about the anatomy of page loading sites. The book discusses about the problems with slow page loading, what you can do to improve it.

Written by Stoyan Stefanov, a web developer, author, speaker, Facebook engineer, ex-Yahoo,
creator of smush.it and YSlow 2.0 architect.

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Designing for Web


Designing for the web is very different than designing for any other medium. Constant changes in technology, browser limitations, browser differences affect. All these things affect the possibilities we can achieve.

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2013 Web Design and Mobile Trends


This book, 2013 Web Design and Mobile Trends is all about vision. Vision of what the web and mobile frontier will be in the future. Contributions from characters like Jeffrey Zeldman (A List Apart), Karen McGrane, Aarron Walter and Veerle Peters, and agencies like B-Reel, Unit9, Fi, HinderlingVolkart or Ultranoir help make this book a great guide to what is to come.

It is full of information from responsive images and layouts, preprocessors, influence of mobile devices, performance, content strategy, new ways of interaction and visual trends for web to mobile design for 2013.

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HTML5 Canvas


HTML5 is the latest iteration of HTML and with it comes the HTML5 Canvas. In this HTML5 book people will learn how to draw, render text, manipulate images and create animations.

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