Streaming videos are all around us now. Our simple video downloaders cannot download most of them.

Here’s a way to download streaming video without any other software.

Open the site on your browser.

Just open the web page where the video is located. The video shouldn’t be playing yet. We would miss some part of the video if you play it sooner.

Get the source of the video

The source can normally be seen by going through the menu. View > Developer > Developer Tools. If you aren’t on the network tab, press Network. Here you’ll be able to view resources currently being downloaded on your system.

Play the video

You will notice the video being downloaded by your browser. You notice things like this.

This will load a few seconds at a time.

Right-click and press, Copy Link Address

Open your terminal

Make sure you have wget. Type in the following.

wget -r{1..6}.ts

The above commands will download the ts files. Press Enter and wait for the process to finish. This would have downloaded the files.

Combine the files

Go to the location of the ts files. You might need to get through many folders to get to the location.

cd 34243/f34234/

Type in the following, assuming the filename of your ts files start with bheop1 and end with bheop6

echo 'bheop1'{1..6}.ts | tr " " "\n" > tslist
while read line; do cat $line >> your_new_video.ts; done < tslist

Your finished and combined video would be named your_new_video.ts. It will also be ready for viewing using VLC

Screen shot 2016 06 25 at 5.00.34 am