Web Development


I remember the days when the only known sites for free website hosting were Geocities and Homestead.

It was fun and all. I learned a great deal by coding a ton of HTML. I not only learned about the good things but also the bad things (marquees). When Geocities had said its farewell to the world, we turned our heads to microblogs like Tumbler, hosted blogs on Wordpress and many more.

Geocities is not yet dead. Well at least not the idea behind free web hosting. Kyle Drake, NeoCities founder, says that NeoCities is going to be funded by donations and do not want NeoCities to end up like GeoCities.


My goal with NeoCities is to help bring back the creativity and free expression to the world wide web that made it great. I need your help. – Kyle Drake

With NeoCities, you get 10 MB of space to make whatever you’d like with HTML, CSS, JS, IMG, TXT, and MD files.

For those who are new to coding, NeoCities offers tutorials on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Price: Free
Website: http://neocities.org/