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Scopes are ways to easily retrieve information by creating callable methods on the model. These callable methods are in turn methods that represent queries. These scopes when used return ActiveRecord::Relation that you can chain with other scopes.

class Incident < ActiveRecord::Base
  scope :draft_incidents, -> { where(draft: true)}
  scope :verified_incidents, -> { where(verified: true)}
  scope :this_year, -> {where("EXTRACT(YEAR FROM incidents.incident_date) = ?", Time.now.year)}

To chain scopes you can simply concatenate them using dots

[1] pry(main)> Incident.this_year.draft_incidents
  Incident Load (23.6ms)  SELECT "incidents".* FROM "incidents" WHERE "incidents"."deleted_at" IS NULL AND (EXTRACT(YEAR FROM incidents.incident_date) = 2016) AND "incidents"."draft" = $1  [["draft", "t"]]
=> []

To conditionally chain scopes you can do this.

def some_method
  @incidents = Incident.all
  @incidents = @incidents.draft_incidents unless params[:draft].nil?
  @incidents = @incidents.draft_incidents unless params[:this_year].nil?

So unless the params are available, you would get all incidents in the table.