Web Development

I’ve recently been scouring the internet for CMS solutions for my blog. I searched for simple blog systems like Bolt, Pivotx. I’ve searched for more sophisticated Content Management Frameworks like Drupal and MODx.

Finally I caught up with so-called CMS that produces static content. They are more appropriately called static generators. I began to be interested. I was surprised that there we a lot of them available in a wide range of languages.

I have checked a few of them out but was challenged to list all static generators I could find. So, here it is:


Name Repository
Ace http://github.com/botanicus/ace
Awstruct http://github.com/awestruct/awestruct
Bonsai http://github.com/benschwarz/bonsai
Deplot http://github.com/cdn64/deplot
Fairytale http://github.com/46Bit/fairytale
Frank http://github.com/blahed/frank
Hobix http://github.com/hobix/hobix
Korma http://github.com/sandal/korma
Machined http://github.com/petebrowne/machined
Magneto http://github.com/donmelton/magneto
Middleman http://github.com/middleman/middleman
nanoc http://github.com/nanoc/nanoc
Pith http://github.com/mdub/pith
RubyFrontier http://github.com/mattneub/RubyFrontier
Stasis http://github.com/winton/stasis
StaticMatic2 http://github.com/mindeavor/staticmatic2
Webby http://github.com/TwP/webby
ZenWeb http://github.com/seattlerb/zenweb

Static Generators for Other Languages