Its amazing to me that something like managing up a server is so time-consuming. What should take a few minutes might takes up a few hours. Install here, and set something there. There should be an app for that!

There are a few software packages out there for managing your server that could make my job a little easier and faster, and I am aware of that fact. Recently, I have taken a look at Ajenti – an open source control panel that lets you manage your server from the web.


For all your Server Needs

Ajenti has a wide range of plugins for Apache, BIND9, Cron, CTDB, DHCPD, NFSD, Iptables, Munin, MySQL, Netatalk, NGINX, PostgreSQL, Samba, lm-sensors, Squid 3, Supervisor.

Ajenti takes care of cron, nameservers, file management. It also has tools like a terminal and code editor.

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