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We’ve all heard of horror stories where people have been locked out of their account because someone had cracked their password. We’ve heard of the stories where sites have been compromised because of easy to remember passwords.

Here’s a list of commonly used passwords from 2012

1. password
2, 123456
3. 12345678
4. abc123
5. qwerty
6. monkey
7. letmein
8. dragon
9. 111111
10. baseball
11. iloveyou
12. trustno1
13. 1234567
14. sunshine
15. master
16. 123123
17. welcome
18. shadow
19. ashley
20. football
21. jesus
22. michael
23. ninja
24. mustang
25. password1

Passwords are meant to be secure and hard to crack or guess. Well, guess what? Most of these passwords can be cracked almost instantly.

Here are a few guidelines to making your passwords secure.

Make Secure Passwords

Stay away from dictionary words

The easiest to crack passwords are those that are in the dictionary. If you are going to make a password, avoid words like, garden, flower or anything that can be taken from an english dictionary.

Make it long

A short password is an easier to crack password. It should be a rule of thumb to make your password at least 8 characters long.

Character Variety

Make a password that contains numbers and letters. Adding a symbol can make it more secure. A nice trick is to replace letters with symbols. For example, @ for a, e with 3, i with ! and s with $.

Don’t make a personal reference

Don’t make it easy for someone you know to guess your password. Don’t use any resemblance to your birthday, your telephone number or your anniversary.

No Repeated Patterns

Repeated patterns make your passwords more predictable.

Password Generators

It is hard to make a password. Not just any password but difficult to crack/guess passwords. Password generators are abound for people having a hard time making their passwords secure.


Random.Pw helps you generate not so easy to remember passwords. It also makes a guess on how long a desktop computer would crack your generated password.


PasswordBird makes use of 2 words and a date you would likely remember. It combines them to make a password. I won’t really recommend it but it would be better than the passwords we have presented above :)

Password Savvy

Let’s you choose your words and it mashes it up to generate secure passwords. These passwords usually pass our 5 rules.

Last piece of advice

There can never be an uncrackable password. Make a password and make it secure.


It is usually a rule of thumb for security to change your passwords regularly.