What is Gist.Pages

gist.pages is web development website. gist. pages' mission is to provide the community with useful information on programming,server administration. gist.pages also brings the latest news on web development applications,services and products on the web.

gist.pages has a new section which lists a number of internet slang words. It has been built very much like a dictionary of internet slang. Hopefully, it will grow into a very comprehensive urban dictionary for the internet.

Quick Summary

Hi, my name is Thorpe Obazee. I'm a web developer based in Manila, Philippines who has been building websites as a hobby since 2002 and as a profession since 2004.

I maintain this blog gistpages where I write and share my knowledge about development and my thoughts.

("profile for Thorpe Obazee at Stack Overflow), Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers


Having worked on tons of web projects, I have acquired knowledge in a few languages and most recently, frameworks in PHP, Ruby and Javascript.

* Current skills used

Work Experience

  1. Grow360 International Pte. Ltd.

    Web Consultant

  2. SourcePad International

    Ruby on Rails Developer

  3. Deep 6

    PHP Developer

  4. The Design People

    PHP Developer

  5. Glocorp IT

    IT Production and Development Head

  6. Sonva Inc

    IT Manager

  7. Sonva Inc

    PHP Developer / IT Specialist