What does IIRC mean?

IIRC means If I Remember Correctly

It is said when you are telling someone of something you may or may not remember correctly.

Sample Usage in Conversation

Arya: IIRC, I saw you at the cafeteria yesterday.

Clegane: IIRC, you promised to kill me.

 What does WYSIWYG mean?

WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get

W hat Y ou S ee I s W hat Y ou G et

It means that you will get whatever it is you see. This is commonly used for textboxes in webforms. Here are the commonly used WYSIWYG editors.

Sample Usage in Conversation

Ned: I want to buy that awesome car
Joffrey: The price is $10,000
Ned: Are there any freebies?
Joffrey: WYSIWYG

 What does SUP mean?

SUP means What’s Up?

SUP is an abbreviation of What’s Up. In the internet world or even in reality, SUP has replaced words like hello or hi. It sometimes means, whats’s new?. Whenever you meet someone, you can ask him/her, SUP?

Sample Usage in Conversation

Ned: SUP?
Joffrey: Nothing.
Joffrey: SUP with you?
Ned: Nothing

 What does MFW mean?

MFW means My Face When

It is often said when you see a funny reaction about something often frightening or surprising.

Sample Usage of MFW in Conversation

Ned: MFW my teacher says Everyone hand in their homework and I completely forgot there was homework