What does OGK mean?

OGK means Only God Knows

It means that there is no one that knows

Programmer: When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing
Programmer: Now, OGK

 What does NVM mean?

NVM means Nevermind

It is a simple shortcut that is used for chatting

Ned: Who’s the owner of Microsoft?
Mike: Wait, I am going to look it up.
Ned: I got it! NVM

 What does IDK mean?

IDK means I Don’t Know

IDK just means that someone does not the answer to the question.

John: Is there life on other planets?
Noah: IDK

 What does ROFL mean?

ROFL means Rolling on Floor Laughing

ROFL is an expression telling someone that you are laughing very hard.

Jon: What’s color blue and and smells like red paint?
Arya: What?
Jon: Blue paint
Arya: ROFL

 What does ASL mean?

ASL means Age, Sex, Location

It is an introduction used in chat. It gives away the most important things to make when starting a conversation. It was widely used on IRC.

chatPerson: ASL please!
noone: 29, M, Alexanderplatz

 What does YOLO mean?

YOLO means You Only Live Once

  1. It means that you do something instead of being afraid.
  2. Living the life you want even if there are risks.

Mark: I don’t want to do bungee jumping
Peter: Why not?
Mark: It is too dangerous
Peter: Well, I am. YOLO

 What does AMA mean?

AMA means Ask Me Anything

An AMA is an open forum where you can be free to ask anything about the person, his work, etc.

I am the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. AMA!

We are members of the flight crew going to Pluto. AMA!

 What does WTH mean?

WTH means Where/What/When the Hell

It is a remark on some surprising and unexpected information. It is often a response in anger.

Dad: WTH did you go?

Dad: WTH were you thinking jumping in the middle of the road?

 What does FWIW mean?

FWIW means For What It’s Worth

It is often said when you are giving a piece of information and it may or may not be that important.

Sample Usage in Conversation

Ned: FWIW, he still loves you