What does QOTD mean?

QOTD means Quote of the Day

A QOTD is a quotation being chosen by a system or person to be read on a certain day by its users or readers.

 What does EOL mean?

EOL means End Of Line

EOL is commonly placed after a block of text. It tells the reader that there is nothing after.

 What does CCTV mean?

CCTV means Closed Circuit Televison

CCTV is commonly placed to increase security surveillances. It records any action through a camera installed on location.

 What does ATTN mean?

ATTN means Attention

ATTN is commonly used on emails. It calls out the receiver of the message.

 What does ASAP mean?

ASAP means As Soon As Possible

ASAP means that something is needed very badly and it cannot wait. It is commonly used after an order

Boss: Ken, I need the reports on the meeting yesterday.
Ken: When do you need it?
Boss: ASAP

 What does API mean?

API means Application Program Interface)

API is a way to interface with an application or service over the internet. It is commonly used in programming.

 What does GLHF mean?

GLHF means Good Luck Have Fun_

GLHF is a way to wish someone well on his journey, trip or travels.

 What does XMAS mean?

XMAS means Christmas

XMAS is a short term for Christmas. It can be used interchangeably. It is however, considered not a good form due to the removal of the root word meaning, Christ.

 What does Q & A mean?

Q & A(Questions and Answers) means Questions and Answers

Question and Answers could be a type of examination. It may also be a portion in a contest wherein participants are asked questions and the contestant is expected give his/her best answer.