What does WB mean?

WB means Welcome Back

WB is a shorthand for Welcome Back. It is a common greeting for someone who has returned from a trip or someone who hasn’t been seen for a while

Nyah: Hey! Hey Hey! It’s good to be back!
Ethan: Ahoy! WB! How long has it been?

 What does ADAD mean?

ADAD means Another Day Another Dollar

Another day Another Dollar or ADAD is used for describing a low paid job. A person with that low wage job normally doesn’t like the job.

Ned: We’ve got no choice!
Joffrey: Hey, ADAD

 What does XOXO mean?

XOXO means Hugs and Kisses

XOXO is often sent via chat messages or text messages to your best friend or love ones. It is a means of sending hugs and kisses.

Man: I will go to the south of the wall to prevent the wildlings from coming over
Woman: I love you. Please be careful. XOXO

 What does HANGRY mean?

HANGRY means Being Angry due to extreme Hunger

Hangry is a play of words of Hungy and Angry. It is a feeling of anger due to extreme Hunger.

Theon: Hey, we need to stop and eat
Jon: We must go south of the wall
Theon: You do not understand. My wife is really hangry

 What does BESTIE mean?

BESTIE means Bestfriend

Bestie is shorthand for Bestfriend. Some can still be your BESTIE if he/she is your close friend.

Sanza: Do you know Charlie?
Tyrion: He is my BESTIE

 What does DM mean?

DM means Direct Message

In a chatroom where there are multiple users, another user may DM or send you a direct message wherein you are the only one being sent the message. This in effect removes all other people from your new conversation thread.

Mark: Henry, what’s the price for that car you posted?
Henry: Mark, I sent you DM.

 What does BBL mean?

BBL means Be Back Later

BBL means that a person you are chatting with has something to do and will come back online and continue later.

 What does KISS mean?

KISS means Keep It Simple Stupid

KISS means that the best way to do something is in the simplest ways. It means that there things are too complicated and simple solutions will be enough.

 What does BDFL mean?

BDFL means Benevolent Dictator For Life

BDFL is what you call a person who decides what happens to a software. He/She decides the development path to be taken by open-source projects.