What does LOW mean?

LOW means Unfair, Inconsiderate or Unreasonable

It describes an action that is considered unfair

Ned: I kicked him while he was down and begging for help.
Joffrey: That’s low!

 What does LQI mean?

LQI means Laughing Quietly Inside

LQI means you are really happy and you are containing it. You may not want others to know that you are enjoying the moment.

 What does BBD mean?

BBD means Bigger Better Deal

A term coined by consumers to get the best price or offer from a store or service provider

 What does SPQR mean?

SPQR means Senatus Populusque Romanus

SPQR pertains to government of the ancient Roman Republic. It became widely known to the mainstream due to its use in The Heroes Olympus book series

 What does BBM mean?

BBM means Blackberry Messaging

Blackberry messaging was popular a few years ago and Blackberry Messaging became BBM.

 What does FLAKEĀ OUT mean?

FLAKEĀ OUT means Cancel at the last minute

When a friend or someone you expects to do something suddenly cancels, he flaked out.

 What does PSYCHED mean?

PSYCHED means Excited and Pumped Up

A person is psyched when he can’t wait for something.

The children were psyched to see the toys donated to their orphanage