What does Broscience mean?

Broscience means a theory shared by friends that may or may not be considered true but friends believe as real

a theory shared by friends that may or may not be considered true but friends believe as real. This mostly pertains to topics in bodybuilding circles where co-bodybuilders’ experience or shared opinions are considered more credible than actual scientific research.

Ned: I got bigger arms due to pyramiding then drinking tons of water afterwards. You should try it and I guarantee it since it works for me.
Joffrey: That’s cool. I believe everything you say.

 What does EOD mean?

EOD means End Of Discussion or End Of Day

End of Discussion Example

Son: Dad, I would like to go to the movies tonight
Father: No. You have an exam coming up.
Son: But dad?
Father: Go to your room and study. EOD.

End of Day Example

Marty: I will need those documents by EOD
Matt: I will be on your desk by then

 What does SMH mean?

SMH means Shaking My Head

SMH is said in response to something you couldn’t comprehend or understand that is happening

It needs to be said! Why don’t these people in power understand this. SMH

 What does HTTP mean?

HTTP means Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol

HTTP is a stateless protocol for the distribution system of the World Wide Web.

 What does JEEZ mean?

JEEZ is an Annoyed Expression or Surprise

Joffrey: JEEZ! My heart jumped!

 What does KNOCKEDĀ UP mean?

KNOCKEDĀ UP means Pregnant

A common expression when a girl has an unwanted pregnancy. It is a generally negative expression.

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Ned: Hey Nyah! Why are you so sad?
Nyah: Well, I got knocked up!

 What does IMO mean?

IMO means In My Opinion

IMO is added at the beginning or end of an opinion on some matter.

Adam: IMO, you must consider some types of injuries or illnesses to be privacy concern cases.

 What does AFAIK mean?

AFAIK means As Far As I Know

AFAIK is an expression by a person what gives what information based on his knowledge. It should be treated as a grain of salt but it is just a way of telling that he has some knowledge. It might also be a vote of confidence on some question or debate.

 What does TL;DR mean?

TL;DR means Too Long Didn’t Read

Tldr is a common expression after a block of text because people don’t have time to read. A person could as you for a TLDR which means a summary.

 What does ZILCH mean?

ZILCH means Nothing or Zero

Zilch is just an expression meaning nothing

Ned: How much money do you have?
Jacob: Me? I have no money. Zilch.