UIKit: lightweight and modular front-end framework


UIKit is a lightweight and modular front-end framework.

We have covered Furatto, another front-end framework that is built upon Twitter Bootstrap and the Foundation Frameworks.

UIKit is not built on top of any of the other framework. It is much much lighter than the Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation. It does this without much consequence. You can enjoy UIKit as much as Bootstrap without losing any the awesome components like modal, progress bars, grid framework and navigation buttons.

Further Resources

License: MIT License
Download: https://github.com/uikit/uikit/archive/master.zip
Website: http://getuikit.com/

 Rocketeer: Deploying with Laravel

Gone are the days of traditional deployment using FTP (I still use it sometimes).

Capistrano has been a godsend in the world of web development. Deployment has never been this easy.

  1. capify .
  2. Write the script
  3. cap deploy

In the PHP world, where a ton of development has been going on since the PHP 5.3 releases, things like database migrations(idea from Rails), packagist / composer (idea from RubyGems) and the built-in server(idea from Ruby) has taken over the PHP world.

Deployment is one thing the PHP world is still missing. Although, we can use Capistrano for almost all deployment things, there’s a new package I have been introduced to.


Rocketeer, a Laravel Package, works with the Laravel 4.1 version.

It comes with a Capistrano-like API. You wouldn’t be lost if you’ve used Capistrano before.

  deploy:check               Check if the server is ready to receive the application
  deploy:cleanup             Clean up old releases from the server
  deploy:current             Display what the current release is
  deploy:deploy              Deploy the website.
  deploy:rollback            Rollback to the previous release, or to a specific one
  deploy:rollback {release}  Rollback to a specific release
  deploy:setup               Set up the remote server for deployment
  deploy:teardown            Remove the remote applications and existing caches
  deploy:test                Run the tests on the server and displays the output
  deploy:update              Update the remote server without doing a new release

If you are using Laravel, Rocketeer is worth a try.

 MinifiedJS: A Truly Lightweight JavaScript Library

At the start of the revolution started by Prototype, jQuery and Mootools, they all made ways to minify the size of each of their distributions.

In the past year, jQuery has ballooned into a 93kb monster. With the fast internet we are all experiencing who’d care?

A lot of people do.


MinifiedJS attempts to solve this by being less than 4kb in size and still having the power to do most things jQuery and Mootools can do.

MinifiedJS does DOM Manipulation, AJAX, Animation and a lot more. Surprisingly, it supports IE6!

Browser Compatibility

Browser Versions
Internet Explorer IE6 +
Firefox 3.6+
Safari 4.0+
Safari / iOS 3.0+
Chrome 14+

Requirements: None
License:: Public Domain
Website: http://minifiedjs.com/
Download: http://minifiedjs.com/download/

 Behave.js: Making Textareas Behave like an Editor


Behave.js is a lightweight plugin that makes it fun to write code in textareas.

Ever wish to indent a block of lines in your text area?
Ever wish that textareas indent automatically?

Behave does just that.


  • No Dependencies
  • Custom Code/Behavior Fencing
  • Hard and Soft Tabs
  • Auto Open/Close Parenthesis, Brackets, Braces, Double and Single Quotes
  • Auto delete a paired character
  • Overwrite a paired character
  • Multi-line Indentation/Unindentation
  • Automatic Indentation

Practical Usage

Behave.js will be quite useful if you write a lot of code in blogs. Behave.js will also be useful when creating an application like “pastebin“http://pastebin.com.

Browser Compatibility

Behave works with most browsers, even IE6.

Browser Versions
Internet Explorer IE6 +
Firefox 8+
Safari 4+
Chrome 10+
Opera 12+

Requirements: None
License:: MIT
Website: http://jakiestfu.github.io/Behave.js/
Download: https://github.com/jakiestfu/Behave.js