Dauxio: Documentation Generator

Writing documentation is the bane of programmers. Programmers normally would like to write applications. Programmers like to work out things with their code. One thing I know that programmers really hate is documentation. This is where Dauxio comes in.

Daux.io is a documentation generator. It uses Markdown files to create custom documentation.



  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Supports Markdown
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Shareable/Linkable SEO Friendly URLs
  • Built On Bootstrap
  • Google Analytics

Further Resources

License: MIT License
Download: https://github.com/justinwalsh/daux.io/archive/master.zip
Website: http://daux.io/

 Types And Grids: A Responsive HTML5 Template With Built-in Themes

Type And Grids is a Responsive HTML5 Template with themes with some nice typography.

The Type And Grids is grid-based. If you are familiar with most of the CSS Frameworks available online, you will at home with Type And Grids. The are a few themes available for flavor.



  • Simple to set up and update – all of the content is inside a single “index.html” page
  • Contains 20 type themes and 29 color themes which gives you over 500 unique design combinations – 58 background textures are included as well
  • Fully responsive design – looks great on all devices from desktops to laptops to tablets and mobile phones
  • Swipe-enabled with hardware accelerated transitions – works super-smoothly on touch devices like the iPhone and iPad
  • Coded using the latest HTML5/CSS3 standards and all code is W3C valid and cross-browser compatible
  • Video support – easily embed your videos from Vimeo or YouTube
  • Clean and semantic SEO-friendly code
  • Works great for non-portfolio sites as well – the site you are viewing now is using Type & Grids
  • Free upgrades – I use Type & Grids for my own portfolio site so I’m always adding new features and fixes
  • Support and documentation is available but everything is so simple to set up you probably won’t need it

Type And Grids have two versions, namely the Free and the Pro versions:

Free Pro
x custom-made, swipe-enabled image slider designed to work super-smoothly on touch devices
Powered by Type & Grids link below x

Further Resources

Website: http://www.typeandgrids.com/

 OOcharts: Google Analytics Dashboard

OOcharts is a great toolkit for building and sharing Google Analytics data using charts.


  • Caching – Queries are cached for retrieving analytics data
  • Queuing – Requests are queud so requests that would normally exceed the Google Analyticsâ„¢ API limits to ensure you get your data fast and reliably.
  • Session Handling – Start getting data as soon as you are connected using your API key.


Further Resources

License: MIT License
Download: https://github.com/OOcharts/js/archive/master.zip
Website: http://oocharts.com/

 HarpJS: Node Web Server with Built in Preprocessors


Pre-processors are the in thing today. In fact, there are tons of preprocessors available today for almost anything from the front end to the backend.

Harp.js is an asset pipeline framework for NodeJS based applications, just like what Ruby on Rails has with Sprockets. It also has its own built-in server which is configured to preprocess jade, markdown, stylus, less and coffeescript.

Harp.js is pretty easy to configure and has a ton of deployment options:

  • Harp Platform
  • Heroku
  • GitHub
  • Amazon S3
  • Nodejitsu
  • Private VPS
  • Apache Cordova
  • PhoneGap Build


Harp requires Node.js installed on your system.

sudo npm install harp -g
harp init myproject
harp server myproject


License: MIT License
Requirements: Node.JS
Website: http://harpjs.com/