Weekly Roundup: Mostly Ruby

I have a ton of Ruby news this week:

Rails 3.2.16 and Rails 4.0.2 have been released – Everyone’s favorite ruby framework has a new version

Why Picking Up Padrino might make you a better ruby devoloper — Very true. I started learning Sinatra for the same reason. Become a better ruby developer.

Rake:File Tasks

Speed Up your Ruby on Rails applications using WebP images

Anti-Pattern: Iteratively Building a Collection

Travis Foundation Launches Open Source Grants with Paymill and RVM

Screen Scraping With A Saw: A Nokogiri Tutorial With Examples — Having worked with Nokogiri a lot, this is awesome!

 Web Developer Weekly: Programming Everywhere

So what’s new?


Is Ghost Really a WordPress Killer? Ghost is a blogging platform that is being set into position as the next big thing in blogging. Does it have what it takes?

How To Use the Twilio API To Send an SMS Message An awesome tutorial on how to use Twilio, a SMS web service.

Parsing CSV Files in PHP: Checking The File Type There’s something you need to know


Rails 4.0.1 Released – The awesome Rails framework has just released a bug fix release.

Deploying Multiple Rails Apps to a Single VPS Any deployment is always nice. This is an excellent one.

Using Factory Girl without Active Record — A great way to use Factory Girl on Non ActiveRecord models

Unconditional Programming — Hate if/else statements? This is a great article on it.

 Web Developer Weekly: Javascript Everywhere

Having been on Holiday for 2 days straight, I have done bit of research. A lot more in the Javascript language department. Here are a few things we’ve gathered up!



  • Why Metero Will Kill Rails — I am a Rails and PHP developer by trade. I have started to delve into the awesome world of Javascript through node. I, for one, don’t care about what happens. Change is good because it’s a chance to learn more things.
  • The Meteor Marketplace — Will paid modules be in the future of Meteor?



 Web Developer Weekly: Rails-like Console in PHP and Google App Engine

There are quite a few good news on the internet lately.


Bootstrapping with Symfony — I am simply fascinated with Symfony and this is a good read.

Rails-like console for PHP — This has got to be the most awaited thing for PHP that has always been there :p

PHP is now offered by Google App Engine – Finally Google App Engine supports PHP


Why hasn’t Ruby won? — Ruby with Rails in web development is massive but why isn’t the user base growing as much as we expect it to be?

Ruby is a dying Language — following the “Why hasn’t Ruby won?”.