CSSGram: Create Instagram filters

Instagram has made waves in our daily lives. We filter our images with Alden, Slumber and Aden. Now, if we want to add filtered images to our webpages, we don’t need to upload our images through sites like Clonegram. We now have CSSgram.

CSSGram is a library for editing your images with Instagram-like filters directly in CSS.

CSSGram currently supports the following browsers. Sorry Internet Explorer.

  • Google Chrome: 43+
  • Mozilla Firefox: 38+
  • Opera: 32+
  • Safari: 8+

To use CSSGram, you need only to link to the stylesheet and use the classes:

  1. Download the CSSgram Library
  2. Link to the CSSgram library within your project <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/vendor/cssgram.min.css">
  3. Add a class to your image element with the name of the filter you would like to use.
<figure class="aden">
  <img src="../your-image.png">


Cssgram samples

 Cropper: A simple jQuery image cropping plugin

Cropper is a simple jQuery plugin that Supports options Supports methods supports events, supports mobile implementations, supports zoom, supports rotation, supports scale (flip), supports canvas, supports multiple croppers and is cross-browser.


Installing Cropper is easy. Just add the paths to your local copy and you’re done.

<script src="/path/to/jquery.js"></script><!-- jQuery is required -->
<link  href="/path/to/cropper.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="/path/to/cropper.js"></script>

Screen shot 2015 11 09 at 2.55.40 pm

 How to Write N with tilde or enye on Mac

There are a few letters that you are required to write but are not found on your keyboard. Now to write N with tilde or enye.


Press the n on your keyboard and hold.

choose the one on the right and you’re all set!